"The more

that you


the more things

you will know.

The more that you


the more places you'll go."

- Dr. Seuss

Why is reading to/with your

kids important?


* Helps them develop language and listening skills.


* Develops thinking skills.


* Expands their vocabulary.


* Enhances concentration.


* Provides knowledge.



* Builds a stronger bond when sharing an activity.


* Succeed academically.


* Stimulates imagination.


* Teaches them how to read.


* Better communication skills.



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Monkey Doodleitis is a story of two brothers that go to the zoo for a day of fun, with their mother and father. Little do they know that their day of fun will include an unexpected, magical adventure!




New book to be released soon! It is a counting book, with brightly colored pictures geared for children ages 0 - 7 years. It asks a very engaging question that children can't help but play along with the story.





"Monkey Doodleitis" is available for sale on Amazon.com.

The book will be for sale on Amazon.com as soon as it is released.

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